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SIDOROV SPORTS CONSULTANTS INC. have been involved with advanced driver education, in Europe as well as North America, since 1980. The company is located in Whistler, British Columbia.
We offer custom schools for individuals, groups, and corporations. Sessions are conducted to the highest international standards. Our programs include attitude based training, risk management, hands-on skill development and follow-up coaching. The principles of advanced driving instruction, or precision driving, can be of benefit to all road users, from enthusiasts to reluctant commuters.
Our regular area of operations includes Sea to Sky Country, Vancouver, and the rest of Western Canada. We are capable of providing programs throughout Canada and internationally as well.
A collision avoided, even once in a lifetime, is reason enough to put major emphasis on developing the best driving skills and attitude.

ECO-DRIVING: More efficient vehicle use leads to significant savings in fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Insurance premiums may be affected as well.
Precision/advanced driving skill programs can be part of an overall "green" campaign aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of all motorists. The combination of vehicle preparation and efficient control use are currently termed Eco-Driving techniques. Eco-Driving programs have been successfully implemented in several European countries, and knowledge of the skills is now part of the driver's exam.
One of our specialties is training operators of 15-passenger vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and other utility vehicles. We focus on improving driver skill, awareness, and attitude, key factors in safer use of any vehicle.
Alan Sidorov, the company owner, has an extensive background in international racing, coaching fellow racers, teaching for leading advanced driving schools, film work, public speaking, radio and television. He also writes a weekly newspaper column and has done development testing for major automobile manufacturers. All our teaching staff are experienced in working with both private and corporate programs. We have access to fitness and diet consultants as well as sports and performance psychologists.
Sidorov Advanced Driver Training has a specific winter driving skills curriculum for those who have to deal with snowy and icy roads, as well as programs geared to new drivers.

We maintain industry contacts worldwide, and have the ability to network with other advanced driving schools, racing schools, and skid control schools both across Canada and internationally. Our clinics operate as Sidorov Advanced Driver Training while other motor vehicle projects, including development testing and film work, are managed by SPDT Performance Driving Technologies. The website and new driver programs operate under Sidorov Precision Driver Training.
We are active members of both the British Columbia Safety Council and the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals.

Please browse our site for more information about advanced driving courses. Check out the driving tips page or the archived articles along the way.
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail,  , or telephone, (604) 966-4243.

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