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Resource Road Driving

This course was developed in partnership with the Western Silviculture Contractors' Association (currently Western Forestry Contractors' Association), to teach the safe operation of light trucks on public roads and more specifically on resource roads. The goal was to reduce the growing number of injuries which were occurring during crew transport. After several years, advanced driving specialist Alan Sidorov was invited to become Chief Instructor for the RRD program. Alan brought a much higher level of driver training to the course, and since he had worked in silviculture, understood the forestry workplace as well. 

There are added benefits from our training for companies that integrate the course into an overall safety culture. According to records provided, they have seen a significant reduction in vehicle damage, as well as in overall wear and tear.

The current RRD is administered by the BC Forest Safety Council. Sidorov Advanced Driver Training, with the benefit of expert coaches, has developed an updated version of the course, offered through our company. It is suitable for workers using both resource roads and public roads. The course can also be beneficial for safe driving of any automobile, since the core concepts are based on current international standards in advanced driver training.

This course is offered in English and the focus is on hands-on driving activities. Participants will receive a wallet card and certificate for successfully completing this course.

Simplified Overview of Learning Outcomes 

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of resource roads, and use that knowledge to enhance driving safety.
  • Recognize vehicle dynamics; vehicle design elements and how they affect stability. Learn to adjust to the characteristics of work trucks. 
  • Develop driver skills through drills, activities and in-vehicle coaching.
  • Use elements of performance psychology to improve driver focus and awareness.


Two days. Participants spend the majority of the course outdoors and behind the wheel. Group size is limited to 6 participants per trainer, 4 per trainer for courses run by Sidorov Advanced  Driver Training. Additional trainers can be added for groups of a larger number.  Lunch is not provided.

Session Dates & Location

If your organization is interested in hosting a session, please contact the trainers directly:

Alan Sidorov (Director, Chief Trainer at Sidorov Advanced Driver Training)
Phone: 604-905-0146 or email:  

Additional Information

Participants or companies need to provide their own vehicles, ideally those that will be used in the workplace. If trailer towing is a regular part of the driverís duties, contact the trainer and it may be possible to include trailer training in the regular course. The participant will have to provide a trailer if one is needed and must have their own vehicle insurance.

NOTE: Participants must also bring their valid driver's licence and copy of their current driver's abstract.

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