The Mental Game

Mark Heffernan, PhD, is our consulting sports psychologist. He is president of Heffernan Performance Group, which works with golfers and other competitors. His techniques and understanding bring a unique element to our driving programs. These days most athletes include sports psychology as part of their training, and racing drivers are no exception. Mark has been a successful competitor in hockey, pro ski racing, and tennis. This background means that he understands the mind set and preparation needed to produce peak performance.
How does this apply to group or corporate precision driving programs? As an adjunct to hands-on training behind the wheel, Mark can teach the mental techniques needed for success as a driver, the kind of coaching which can also provide a boost in business as well as other aspects of life.
Many companies use motivational trainers. With SPDT and Heffernan Performance Group, we can create a package with the potential to improve performance both behind the wheel and in the workplace.
All our curricula include elements of performance psychology, which is a key to successful attitude training. Beyond that, we can custom tailor programs, including multi-sport events, in conjunction with Heffernan Performance Group.
Look for Dr. Heffernan's contributions to our advanced driving handbook, which will be available later in the year from the catalogue page on this site.