BC Safety Council letter

June 2, 2008
To Whom It May Concern;

Re: Alan Sidorov, Sidorov Sports Consultants, Inc.

This is to confirm that the BC Safety Council has worked with Alan Sidorov and his group in the area of traffic safety education and driver training. Specifically, we have worked with them in the field of winter driving. In addition, both organizations have consulted with each other on an ongoing basis for several years.

Alanís background in automobile racing and high performance driving has provided extensive experience of value to drivers of all sorts of vehicles in all driving conditions and circumstances. His credibility in this regard is unquestioned as his personal knowledge of vehicle technologies and his experience in its application is so extensive.
In addition to these credentials, however, we respect the ability of his instructional team to deliver education and training at the appropriate level for the audience. As a safety organization, we also appreciate the fact that their commitment to safe driving practices is paramount and not oriented towards ego enhancement of would-be high performance drivers.
In my opinion Alan and his team will bring to prospective clients education and training that will enhance the effectiveness of their operations in real-world practical applications while also supporting their due diligence as employers concerned with the safety and wellbeing of their employees.
We look forward to working with Alan and his team in coming years in joint efforts towards safer and more proficient driving practices.
Bryan Lowes
Executive Director
BC Safety Council
2225 - 21331 Gordon Way
Richmond BC V6W 1J9
604-214-7433 fax 604-214-7434