SKIING... Whistler Blackcomb Snow School

A note from Alan Sidorov: Private ski lessons at Blackcomb and Whistler mountains.
I prefer to call it coaching, or even just messing around. Ski lesson somehow sounds dreary, and doesn't do justice to what should be a challenging but enjoyable experience.
One of my passions is playing outdoors. During the winter, in addition to running advanced driver training clinics, I am an instructor with the private lessons section of the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School. (Previously Ski and Snowboard School.)
There are many similarities between precision driving and skiing. Timing, balance, correct use of eyesight, and the psychology of performance, including overcoming learning blocks, are keys in both arenas. In the past, national and provincial ski coaches have asked me for ideas on optimising the line in giant slalom and downhill races. I've had some ski racing success myself.
Though I love our advanced terrain, it is fun to work with skiers of all abilities, from beginner to expert. A big part of this is sharing the mountain experience with visitors.
Request bookings for Alan Sidorov can be made through the private lessons reservation line, 1 877 730 7669. Ski and snowboard sessions at the Whister Blackcomb Snow School can also be arranged through the link below. Up to five people can participate in a private lesson, so we often get groups of friends or family members, wanting to have fun together while getting an insider's view of Whistler and improving skiing skills. Skiing abilities and goals should be similar.
I also patrol on the Lost Lake snowshoe and cross-country trails. If you are here in our mountain playground, feel free to stop by and say hello.