Sidorov Advanced Driver Training offers a wide variety of programs geared towards building driving skills and understanding risk management. We work with businesses and corporations of all sizes, as well as small groups and individuals. Advanced driving courses go far beyond car control. We teach concentration and awareness as the building blocks of good judgment behind the wheel.


The curriculum includes defensive driving tactics, hazard recognition and avoidance, cornering technique, braking skills, emergency manoeuvres, and a better understanding of what some of this high tech stuff means. It also includes written material and a classroom vehicle dynamics session. Our winter driving schools have a larger skid control training segment.

We believe that learning can, and must, be both challenging and enjoyable in order to be effective. This is in stark contrast to lecture based formats, which can have value in affecting attitudes but are really only a starting point. On-line training may be of some benefit in teaching theory, and is a useful tool for follow-ups and information sharing. However, few would question the value of hands-on experience, allied with focused instruction.