Sidorov Advanced Driver Training offers programs for individuals, groups, businesses, and government. More knowledgeable drivers, with skill and risk assessment training, have the understanding to make better choices and be safer vehicle operators.
All of us are all aware of the horrible personal cost of injury. With more skillful drivers, savings can go beyond avoiding crash damage. Efficient travel as well as reduced wear and tear are corollary benefits.
While an on-line program may fulfill the letter of the law, real skill development takes place behind the wheel, not on a computer screen.
We provide fleet training in Eco-Driving techniques, along with follow-up and documentation if required.

 Many Canadian companies have branches in both remote and urban areas, so training has to be targeted to specific needs. As the photo page demonstrates, we can travel just about anywhere to do on-site advanced driver training.
Curriculum design is done in cooperation with the client. We also do safety and handling clinics for ATV/UTV/Argo operators.

One of the difficulties when people are sent to driver training, as opposed to choosing to attend, is the "I already know how to do this" syndrome. If this approach prevails, the event will be seen as enforced boredom, or at best, a paid day off with a nap. This is money wasted. It is important that driver training should be seen as a benefit and an interesting day by participants. 
Full Day and Multi-Day Advanced Driver Training:
Many companies choose to come for an introductory evening course, a night in Whistler or Pemberton, and then the full day or multi-day training. Please inquire about packages.


Each program is adjusted for the participants, vehicles used, and specific training goals. The following is an outline of a typical session.


Location: Pemberton Airport or other suitable area.



Vehicle dynamics talk

Threshold braking

Mixed friction braking

Brake and avoid




Lunch and technical refresher at Pemberton Golf and Country Club in season, Pony Espresso or alternate for winter schools. (Client pays, very good food and reasonable prices)



Cornering skills

Medium speed lane change

Tailgating exercise

Advanced car control, skid recovery

Comprehensive check ride and evaluation

Final exam, discussion, close
Cost: One person: $1700. Two, $2250, three, $2400. Four to six trainees, $2950.00. Seven to nine, $3500.00. Ten to twelve, $4050.00.


Winter Driving:
Driver training for winter conditions is one of our specialties.

Curriculum and cost as per normal full and half day schools, with added emphasis on advanced car control and winter driving strategies.



Prices do not include GST or HST. Vehicles provided by participants. All other equipment, skid control car, event insurance, and classroom materials provided by

Sidorov Advanced Driver Training
 Due to logistic costs, insurance, etc, a half day doesn't cost much less than a full day's training. This program is best used as a refresher or a comprehensive introductory session.

Approximately four hours, using Pemberton Airport, just north of Whistler, or an alternate facility. A popular format is to run two groups in one day. The cost, based on four to six participants, $2550.00 per group. seven to nine participants, is $3100.00. Ten to twelve, $3650.

Three people, $2000.00.  Two people, $1800.00. One person, $1400.00.
A lot of our work involves providing training at locations throughout western Canada. We have equipment stored in Prince George, BC, as well as Whistler, BC.

Cost estimate for four to six person one-day driver training: $3200.00 plus travel and accommodation expenses for instructing team.
Seven to nine students, $3750.00 plus expenses.
Ten to twelve students, $4300.00 plus expenses.
Multiple days can be arranged. We offer the option of morning, afternoon, evening. and night sessions.
Site evaluation and set-up days will be billed at a daily rate. We can write comprehensive, readable driving skill guides and produce instructional videos for on-going training. GST at 5%, or HST where applicable, added to all programs.
A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Balance can be paid up to the date of the program, unless special billing arrangements have been made. 
Full refunds will be issued if requested up to one week before the program starts. Up to 48 hours prior to the event, refunds will be 50% of deposit. No-shows will be billed in full, barring exceptional circumstances. This will be at the discretion of Sidorov Advanced Driver Training.
For travelling programs, including those booked from outside of Canada, deposit will be refunded if customer cancels ten days before the event, again barring exceptional circumstances. If a date change is requested, there may be a rescheduling charge. This is due to the expense involved in setting up a program, including insurance, staff, and site.
Should it be impossible to conduct the event due to situations such as extreme weather, a full refund will be issued or the school will be rescheduled, at the choice of the customer

Please inquire about the custom program we can implement for your group or business.